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   True Perceptions, Inc.® E-Marketing Services

Client Testimonial


How Much Business Are You Losing
To Your Competition?

Your competition is contacting your current and prospective clients on a regular basis. Are you?

It is cheaper to keep a client than replace one

In an article entitled "Keep Those Customers Coming Back!" the  Better Business Bureau stated that businesses will spend roughly five times more to obtain a new customer than they would to keep an existing one. The Harvard Business Review says it is six-to-seven times more expensive to gain a client than retain one.

True Perceptions helps you stay connected with your current clients and market to prospective clients in an easy, quick and affordable way with our E-Novations E-Newsletters, Proactive E-Marketing of Services and E-Greetings.

Communication with your most important assets—
your current clients — made easy


Stay Connected to Your Clients Through E-Newsletters and E-Greetings


• Offer useful information to your market
• Highlight your new or existing service
• Show clients they “need” your services
• Keep your company’s name fresh in your client’s mind

Newsletters work because people actually read them to learn something useful. Clients can see how to get more value from your services by reading about how other clients are using your services in new ways. Keep your company's name fresh in your client's mind and they will be your best advertisement to attract new clients.


Let Your Clients Know They’re Special


Tell your clients you care with E-Greetings, delivered on many holidays, not just Christmas and New Year’s. E-Greetings allow you to keep your name in front of your clients year round. Your clients will appreciate these greetings that are not meant to sell them anything. They are meant to foster good rapport, and let your clients know you are concerned about them. It is also a great way to build and maintain relationships with your associates and vendors.

• Build customer loyalty
• Keep your name fresh in client’s mind
• Maintain customer loyalty
• Build close relationships


Become Visible To Your Market

Proactive E-Marketing:

On average, it takes seven contacts for a sale to occur

Make your sales process easier and more productive with focused, targeted e-marketing. Send press releases and company announcements that allow your current and prospective clients to learn more about your services and your brand.

Increase Your Client Base With Proactive Marketing

In today’s economy, every client and every dollar counts. Proactive E-Marketing allows your current clients to refer you to others in need of your services. In a click of a button, your e-mail can be sent from client to prospective client.

• Deliver short messages that highlight your services and benefits one at a time
• Build trust in your company
• Share client testimonials
• Evoke a call to action


We support you every step of the way:

  • Our business strategist develops a winning e-mail marketing strategy 
  • Our creative designer incorporates your brand into each design and layout
  • Our professional writer/editor will write and edit your articles
  • Our administrative assistant will take care of your data entry, thank-you letters and reports
  • Our strong ISP partnerships guarantee you high e-mail deliverability rates


To learn more about how True Perceptions E-novations services can help you
call us at 678-583-0401 or visit our contact page.


“We have been sending a digital newsletter through True Perceptions for five months. Since the newsletter has started going out, we have noticed a significant increase in telephone inquiries and new cases from our current and new clients. In this economy, it is a great encouragement to have this renewed activity in our business. True Perceptions has efficiently handled the design of the newsletter, the writing of articles, the management of our mailing lists, and then sending out the newsletter, so we are not spending our productive time with these tasks. We also like the fact that we can monitor the newsletter statistics so we know the effectiveness of this financial investment.

True Perceptions has done an awesome job with our newsletter, and we are so satisfied that we have decided to renew it for another six months.”

- Wendy E. Murnan, LPI, CP, FRP
Co-Owner, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL

“It’s been almost 6 months now since we started distributing our newsletter to prospective clients. I can definitely attribute an increase in business to this program that Diana Garren at True Perceptions created for us. Not only are we able to stay in touch with our current clients, but also we are able to introduce new prospects to the varied services we provide. With Diana’s guidance, we focus on providing informative and educational materials and not on the “sell, sell, sell” that so many other newsletters do. I’m forever grateful for the True Perceptions Team that coordinates the details of getting our monthly products out to our readers; the super design, the distribution listings, the analysis of the readers and the overall coordination of the product. I find it particularly impressive that our business has continued to increase when so many others are treading water and I’m excited to see how we continue to benefit in the future.”

Michael J. West, CFI/CLEI
President/Founder, Arkansas Investigations
Little Rock, AR

“We originally used True Perceptions to design our logo and website and conduct a client survey.  Since that time we have engaged True Perceptions to handle our e-mail marketing campaign with holiday e-cards and bimonthly newsletters. The campaign is designed to keep our name in the forefront of our current and perspective clients. As Diana Garren often says, 'It's easier to keep a client than to get one' and it’s our belief that value added services, such as our informative newsletter, will help us keep our clients and allow us to open new client doors."

- Rick Staly, M.S., F.B.I.N.A.,
Executive Vice President
American Eagle Sentry, LLC.
Palm Coast, FL

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