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6 Keys of Business
Assess (vision, purpose, mission, values, core value, consistency in work product, employee perceptions, customer perceptions, written policies and procedures, customer service procedures, hiring procedures/employees, hiring procedures/independent or subcontractor, level of efficiency, level of productivity, marketing efforts, sales efforts)
Identify (target market, competition, product/services, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
Strategize (Business Self-evaluation Checklist for Strategic Plan)

5 Key Business Principles  (Self-evaluation Checklist for 5 Key Principles of Business)
Reputation (The value of leadership and reputation diagram)

Business Consulting
Business Coaching
Customer Surveys
Employee Surveys
Corporate Identity
Marketing Strategies, Material Development & Design
Email Marketing
Sales Strategies & Presentation Development & Design
Sales Training
Perception Management & Maintenance (strategic perception management program diagram)
Seminars & Workshops (Presenter Bio)
Keynote Speaker (presenter bio, speaking testimonials)
Upcoming Events (radio show, prior speaking)

Testimonials (client testimonials)

What You Should Know (The value of leadership and reputation diagram)
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