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We let our client’s speak for us

"I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Diana Garren and her team of professionals at True Perceptions.

Shortly after we started our company I was introduced to True Perceptions. Shortly thereafter we contracted with True Perceptions to develop our branding for our company and client surveys to receive unbiased customer opinions on our services. The result of our branding initiative resulted in a logo and website design that delivered our company brand and a website that rivaled if not surpassed some of the biggest security companies in America. Phase two of the branding effort was with an e-newsletter and e-card to provide information to our clients but more importantly to keep our name and brand in front of our clients.

We always found Diana and her team to be responsive and professional. Within a few years of starting and growing our company and using True Perceptions we were able to sell our company for a seven figure price.

I highly recommend Diana Garren and her team at True Perceptions."

- Sincerely,
Rick Staly
Executive Vice President/MGMBR (Retired)

American Eagle Sentry, LLC


"Over the past five years I have used the services of Diana Garren and her staff at True Perceptions on three separate projects, for both a for profit business and a professional non-profit organization.  Every design was a smashing success.   In each instance, by carefully listening to us, Diana was able to guide the projects so that our message was succinct, powerful, and right on target to our intended audience.  She combined artistry with business savvy to create websites that makes both our company and the organization standout among the competition.  Because she knows how to showcase the benefits of your company, the website becomes more than just an internet billboard – it becomes a business driver.  If you want to have an internet presence that increases your exposure and your profits – look no further than True Perceptions.”

- Steve Kirby
Edward R. Kirby & Associates, Elmhurst, IL
Executive Director, Council of International Investigators


“Is your “brand” secure? Do you assume that tomorrow you will have the business you have today? The “business” of legal investigations is an evolving landscape. Business survival does not depend on the services you offer, but on the strength of the benefits you provide your clients. Insure that yours will survive by contacting Diana Garren at True Perceptions -- the best decision I ever made on how to market my business.” 

Don C. Johnson, CLI, CII
Founder/ President
Trace Investigations, Inc.
National Director, NALI


“To my fellow Private Investigators:

… By following the lead of Diana to focus my business on developing my niche, my revenue has tripled.  This year also looks very promising to continue growing my business because of Diana’s expertise and knowledge of the PI business. 

This year Diana started a Round Table group that gets together each Wednesday for one hour on Skype video to discuss business ideas and what to do and not to do.  I find it very beneficial to have a person like Diana to lead and direct the discussion.  The other investigators in the Round Table are also benefiting from the discussion.  My future and that of my company is better off because of Diana and True Perceptions.  I am working on my next goal which is to hire an administrative assistant and the process is taking shape.  With Diana, I can see that “perception becomes reality.”  The sky is the limit for my business! 

If you have the opportunity to hear Diana speak, please be sure to do so.  If you are looking to take your company to the next level, I highly recommend Diana and her team at True Perceptions.  She knows the PI profession, and has the skill set to help you with branding, marketing and advertising.  She will make you work to customize your vision and learn your business.  She is what you need if you are a technician and have the need of a marketing and advertising company.”  Read full testimonial >>>

Edmond J. Martin, CFE, TCI
DPS PSB License A10803
Recipient of the Fraud Investigator for 2015
Principal/Chief Investigator
Sage Investigations, LLC


"To Whom It May Concern:

It was at the 2012 International Conference of Investigative Associations (ICIA) conference in San Antonio, Texas that I attended the eight hour paid seminar that Ms. Garren taught. This seminar was packed with valuable information that I had never heard before, and I needed to take my business to the next level. It was money well spent! If you ever have the opportunity to attend Ms. Garren’s eight hour seminar, I highly recommend that you do.

I had been in business since 1999, and by the time I met Ms. Garren I had spent a lot of money on several different websites that didn’t provide a brand for my company or yield much return on investment. I really didn’t have a brand, just an average website. While in the seminar, I realized Ms. Garren and her company, True Perceptions, could help me achieve the vision I had for my business. Shortly after attending the seminar, I hired True Perceptions. Ms. Garren listened carefully and took me through a process to identify many key factors of my business and my markets. Then, she provided me a step by step roadmap. Ms. Garren does not provide “cookie cutter” answers and solutions. She tailors a step by step roadmap for your business needs….

We no longer have large dips in revenue like we once did, and I’ve had compliments from many national companies about how professional and extensive our website is. True Perceptions has given us a professional brand and totally changed the perception of our company. I no longer get phone calls that waste my time with people price shopping; the people who call are serious and want a professional agency and don’t have a problem paying for our service. The only thing I wish is that I knew about True Perceptions years ago. I would have saved a lot of money and my business would have been further ahead. True Perceptions provides a return on investment.

If you are SERIOUS about taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend Diana Garren and her team at True Perceptions. They not only know what they are doing concerning branding, sales and marketing, but they have worked exclusively in the private investigative, attorney and security arena for over a decade. They know our business and our market". Read full testimonial >>>

Claude Bookout
Founder/CEO/Chief Investigator
United International Investigations
Austin, Texas


"During our partnership with True Perceptions, we successfully built a solid infrastructure of systems, personnel and processes. When the economic downturn hit a large segment of our business in 2008, our infrastructure allowed us to develop other lines of investigation that eventually offset what we lost in the downturn. We are now back on a significant growth track with tremendous upside potential, and we look forward to a profitable 2012.

Without the systems and processes Diana Garren helped us put in place, we surely would have struggled mightily, or perhaps even gone out of business, like many others here in South Florida and across the country. I recommend any investigator or agency serious about growing and even thriving in difficult financial times to consider working with True Perceptions. The work is difficult, the process challenging, but the rewards are definite and the outcome positive."

- Mark Murnan,CLI, CFE / Founder
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.


"Diana is absolutely great! Her team is top-notch and always ready to move forward. Diana walked me through the strengths and weaknesses of my previous business model, assisted me in reorganizing and developing a more success-oriented model, and helped me rebrand my company. I absolutely could not be happier."

- Dave Shafer
CEO/Chief Investigator
Preferred Intelligence


"We had an idea of what we wanted our website to look like, but True Perceptions, under Diana's guidance, implemented a strategy that assured our site expressed our vision providing a competitive and strategic advantage. Diana's insights on how to speak directly to our markets with a clear call to action, how to keep in touch with our clients and develop new business while integrating our image in business cards, letterhead and more to provide a memorable impression."

- Donovan Harmon
Founder/Owner/Chief Executive Officer
HRG Investigations


"Diana is an amazing business coach, and her company, "True Perceptions," is the absolute best website developer ever. She has a clear and concise handle on the marketplace today and a thorough understanding of business psychology. Therefore, she knows exactly what to say and how to say it to get your message across. Since Diana has helped me build our website, I've received so many positive comments that I have honestly lost count. Some of those compliments have been "looks very professional," "excellent website," and "wow, who helped you build that website, it's beautiful?" Nobody knows how to articulate your message more effectively than Diana. Nobody is better at teaching you how to then present that message to your clients with the same sledgehammer results. Thank You, Diana"

- Dean Gluth, Founder
"The Debugging Experts"


"I would like to commend you and your team for your outstanding service in designing our marketing materials and our website.

After our conversation we embarked on a multi-point plan to market our company to our niche security market. What impresses me the most as separated you from other companies we were considering was your multi-point strategy starting with a client survey and then continuing with a new logo and website design and marketing materials and printing; much of which was built from information our clients provided during the survey. Not only did the survey allow insight into our client’s perceptions of our company but allowed us to immediately improve areas identified by our clients and to incorporate their suggestions and additional services in our website design and marketing materials.

It is for this reason that I would like to thank your staff for a job well done and I do not hesitate to recommend True Perceptions – as your company truly delivers the true perception of a company". Read full testimonial >>>

- Rick Staly, M.S., F.B.I.N.A
Executive Vice President/MGMR
American Eagle Sentry, LLC.



"Regarding Diana Garren and the team of True Perceptions
I wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks.  A few months ago we started with nothing.  No logo; unsatisfactory brochures, agreements, displays and handouts.  And our website was all about DataChasers, rather than letting potential clients know how valuable our services are to their needs. Diana has taught me how to market my company from the perspective of my market and the benefits they receive from utilizing our services instead of just telling what we do. We have trusted her with our business promotions, including branding and marketing, which have been very successful. So much so, that we have discontinued nearly all of our previous marketing efforts.

If you are in business, stabbing away at marketing and branding without really knowing what you are doing, and want to see real success, you need to speak with Diana.

I highly recommend True Perceptions if you need your clients and prospective clients to see you in a more positive, responsive, and professional light."  Read full testimonial >>>

- Rick Albee, President
DataChasers, Inc.®


“Throughout the course of the past few months our company has undergone a profound change, thanks to the dedicated and professional guidance of Ms. Garren.  Unlike most other companies, the amazing team at True Perceptions takes the time and effort to make sure they understand our company’s goals and objectives before coming up with the perfect manner of promotion for our industry.  Honest and reliable, True Perceptions has once again upheld their stellar reputation and won our loyalty.  We are delighted with the service and results that we have received from the team of professionals at True Perceptions.”

- Andrea & Robert Orozco
Advanced Professional Investigations/API


"When I first met Diana, I had initial intentions of simply re-making my website. We did that and boy, did I notice a change. Our website visits have increased 10% just this month and I’ve seen that visitors stay on the site more than three times longer than they did before the revisions (an important benchmark to me). I’ve also had very laudatory comments from visitors to the website. They noticed a change in perception (there’s that word again), not just a change in appearance. Since that initial journey I’ve come to rely heavily on Diana and her team for a variety of other projects; creating new marketing brochures, sales training for me and my staff, designing a conference display, creating marketing tools and our most recent undertaking: designing a sales campaign. Even though we have successfully completed several projects, I look at our relationship as ongoing. As a result I won’t speak about Diana’s help in the past tense. It’s ongoing and I fully expect it to continue. There are too many valuable things that she can bring to the table for me to ever think that we are finished. We continue to work on new ways to continue growing and I expect Diana to be a part of that growth." Read full testimonial >>>

- Michael J. West, CFE, CLEI, Director of Investigations
Arkansas Investigations


"As a firm that strives for and recognizes excellence we knew we needed a true pro to help us define and deliver our mission to prospective clients.  We found that expertise in Diana and her associates at True Perceptions.  They listened to our concerns and provided us with guidance, perspective, cogent advice.  They understood our company’s mission and culture as reflected in the outstanding website and corporate identity pieces they designed, which clearly defines who we are and what we do.  From start to finish True Perspections met the high standards our firm looks for in partnership."

Steve Kirby, Chairman
Edward R. Kirby & Associates


“I had been in business for four years and was beginning to feel the pain of uncontrolled growth, and the need to formalize our policies and procedures. We wanted to accommodate future growth and to maintain the high level of quality service we take pride in offering to our attorney/clients. We retained True Perceptions, Inc. to assist us in establishing appropriate business practices. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Our revenue has almost doubled.” Read full testimonial >>>

- Mark Murnan,CLI, CFE / Founder
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.


"Diana Garren taught me how to talk to my clients the "correct" way. She gave me more insight as to how I was perceived so that I could correct my behavior to become more profitable. I am by no means wealthy but I do have significantly more business knocking at my door than I used to by simply making a few changes on my website. Diana went above and beyond in sharing her time to ensure that the recommendations she made were custom tailored to what I specifically needed. She proved to me she is selfless and genuinely cares about your clients. I would highly recommend True Perceptions to others because it will change the way they do business for the rest of their lives. I was not paid for this endorsement nor am I affiliated with True Perceptions."

-Scott Stephens
Triad Investigations Agency, Forney, TX


"My web site was a mess. Although I thought what was written was good, it wasn’t great. After retaining the services of True Perceptions and Diana Garren, I now understand that if you want your message clearly understood, you have to hire a professional. Diana Garren and the staff of True Perceptions came through with flying colors. I recommend her and her company to anyone who wants a professional looking and functional web site. Without question, this is one of the best business decisions I have ever made."

-Mark R. Feegel B.S., F.C.I., C.L.I., C.I.I.
Feegel & Associates


“During our initial work with Diana Garren of True Perceptions, we prepared written procedures for each job description, along with an employee manual.  The procedures have been invaluable when training new staff members.  It makes their job easier and keeps the quantity of questions to a minimum. The procedures have also allowed complete consistency in our work product because they set a standard for each task and designate the final outcome.  Our clients receive a consistent product and service for each task, which results in our clients’ complete confidence in our company. The employee manual has served an invaluable purpose because it puts in writing each policy and procedure that our company upholds. Having definitive standards for our company gives our staff a sense of security and confidence. This infrastructure to our business creates credibility for our company in the business world and also gives us, the owners, a tremendous sense of relief that we have these written standards available for our company’s operation and success. I would strongly recommend the services of Diana Garren and True Perceptions.  Diana’s expertise in business consulting is a tremendous benefit to any company.” Read full testimonial >>>

-Wendy E. Murnan, CP, FRP, LP
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.




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